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Are you interested in earning free tickets and exclusive rewards for the best seaside and fun fair rave of the year?

Become an official Bugged Out! Ambassador – sell 5 tickets to your friends and connections to earn yourself a free ticket.


“Unlimited fairground rides, three rave rooms by the sea, AND the biggest DJs all along for the ride? Bring your mates and get free tickets? What’s not to love” Bugged Out Team

We want to give back to our loyal Bugged Out crew, to those of you who have been to our Weekenders up and down the country, stages at festivals all over and club nights around the world. Join the team and get yourselves free tickets and rewards




Join the Bugged Out! In Dreamland Ambassador Team (powered by StreetTeam) by signing up on the site here
– To sell a ticket you simply need your connections email, name & phone number
– From the moment you sign up, you’re part of the team & a member of Bugged Out or Street Team will call you to explain the next steps
– Sell 5 tickets to your connections
– Go to Bugged Out! In Dreamland for free!


When will I receive my ticket?
All tickets are dispatched in the same way. If your ticket hasn’t arrived 2 weeks prior to the event please get in touch with StreetTeam via From there the team will be able to track your ticket down and inform you about the next steps.

How do I change the delivery address for my ticket?
Please log on to your account HERE. Here you can see all your purchased tickets and will have the ability to change the delivery address should you need to.

What do I do once I have been allocated my free ticket?
Make sure you have the correct dispatch details for your ticket. Visit your account HERE where you will be able to view your ticket & fill in all your own information before the festival.

How can I trust the promoter I’m buying a ticket from?
If you have any doubts about the person you’re buying a ticket from please do not hesitate to email and they can check their details on their database. We strongly advise you to only buy tickets from someone who you know and trust.

I would like to promote for Bugged Out! In Dreamland, how do I sign up?
Please head HERE and create an account or click the image and sign up there. Our team will be in contact soon after to set you up with tickets.

I would like to know more about being a Bugged Out! ambassador?
Please email us at we run the campaign ourselves and can help you with any questions you might have. Send over your phone number and we will call you as soon as possible to help you out.

If you have a problem or query with any tickets bought via StreetTeam, please e-mail